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Jesus Rode In A 1977 Buick Electra Limited


2 minutes and 58 seconds

When I was 8 years old my parents took me to my first concert. It was the Statler Brothers in Cookeville, Tennessee. The Statler Brothers were a country music vocal group founded in 1955. Their founding members were Don and Harold Reid, Phil Balsley and Lew DeWitt. Originally a gospel group, they gained notoriety in the 1960’s as the backing vocal group for Johnny Cash. If you are familiar with any of their songs, it’s probably their biggest hit, Flowers On The Wall for which they won a Grammy award in 1965.

And you are likely over 60 years old.

My dad (and by extension my mom as well) was a huge Statler Brothers fan. When I was a tiny child, he joined the Columbia House Music Club. You know, the one where you could get 10 albums for a penny (provided you agreed to purchase 5 more at inflated prices over the course on the next year.) So, we had Statler Brothers music on 8 Track Tape which we would listen to in our two-tone 1977 Buick Electra. I say two-tone, but really it was brown with and beige vinyl top.

At any rate, my brother and I grew up on Statler Brothers music.

This is probably a good time to say that if you are a fan of Kenny Chesney, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean or anyone associated with “Bro-Country”, you are likely going to hell and should repent now.*

The Statler Brothers have an album named The Holy Bible, The New Testament. Appearing on this album is a song named Who Do You Think? The lyrics are as follows:

There are people who are whispering
And the rumors are running wild
There’s a woman who’s not married
But she’s gonna have a child

Her name is Mary, she’s a virgin
From down in Nazareth, now listen close
She’s gonna marry a man named Joseph
But the baby’s father is The Holy Ghost

And who do you think could believe such a thing
Could believe that the story is true
And who do you think could believe such a thing
Well, here’s hopin’ to Heaven you do

Now there sayin’ she had a baby
In a barn in Bethlehem
And the stars moved ’round the Heavens
Till it stopped right over them

Then some shepherds said
An Angel came and told them ’bout the birth
They always knew, men went to Heaven
But now God had come to Earth

And who do you think could believe such a thing
Could believe that the story is true
And who do you think could believe such a thing
Well, here’s hopin’ to Heaven you do

THIS is my favorite Christmas song. It really isn’t Christmas until I hear this song.

In 1975, when the Statler Brothers sat down to write Who Do You Think? they had no idea that two young parents would years later play this album for their children. The parents had no idea that their child would look forward to hearing the song every Christmas.

This song, a simple song about the birth of Jesus, has become my favorite holiday tradition. For me, it is Christmas. For me, it is the gospel. And the good news is that whether or not you believe any of it, this story is still important. Because this is a story about getting involved.
…making a difference
…changing the world

With whom did you interact with today? To whom did you extend a word of kindness? Sympathy? A helping hand? A smile?

2 minutes and 48 seconds. That’s the length of the song Who Do You Think?

To someone you love, 2 minutes and 48 seconds could make all the difference in the world. May you use it wisely.

Here’s hopin’ to Heaven you do.

Merry Christmas.

*This is not a Biblical fact, just a gut feeling. Repent now. Better safe than sorry.


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